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Use this web site to find South African stuff - find stuff like places to stay, properties to invest in, amazing local arts and crafts, various other products and South African delights. Also place or search classified ads, the ideal place for private sales and bargain hunters. Browse for free and instantly make contact and deal directly with the advertiser.

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Touring South Africa is an exciting and rewarding adventure. Plan your trip before you leave. Familirise yourself with the tourist attractions in the areas that you will be visiting, make accommodation bookings and arrange for tours and adventures.

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Places to stay including bed & breakfast, self-catering, backpackers, guesthouses, homestays, farmstays, hotels, lodges, camping and caravan sites.
Adventures, Tours and Tour operators in South Africa

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In a country rich with talent there are many amazing locally produced products. Explore a basket of commodities that includes some fine arts and crafts, health products, lifestyles and many other general products. Find and make direct contact with local entrepreneurs and enjoy the pleasures of fine South African delights.

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Florists who deliver flowers and accept online order for same day deliveries
Arts and crafts made in South Africa
Health and lifestyle courses, seminars, hikes, runs, massages, health products, etc
Products for sale in South Africa

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Looking to invest in property in South Africa, or have a property to sell? Use this section to browse for properties. To get your property listed here you need to register or be an existing subscriber, then you can create a web site for your property. This section contains properties for sale directly by the owner and properties listed by estate agents. You can find gr8 (great) real estate including houses, flats, stands, plots, farms and smallholdings. Look in your area or any city/town or province in South Africa. Deal directly with the owner or Estate Agent without delay.

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Properties including houses, farms, stands and small holdings for sale through agents
Properties for sale directly by owner

Businesses operating in South Africa. Want to know what businesses are in your town or looking for a particular service? This section helps you get all the relevant information needed to make a decision before you contact them. Any and every type of business can be listed. Use keyword searches to find what you need. Search the country, any region or a particular area or town.

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Looking for private deals? Have something to sell? Try our classified ads section where the ads are always current and up to date. Anyone can create an ad for free, no need to be a registered subscriber. You can browse classified ads by province, town or category. All ads placed run for one week from the date of placement unless renewed by the advertiser. If sold, the ad is removed immediately. Ads have a classified brief description that you can click on to see a picture and get additional information. Direct contact is made with the advertiser by an initial SMS. It is fast, accurate, efficient and easy to find your bargains.

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